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Hello, I'm sure you must be bombarded by communication of all kinds every day, but I just wanted to send a quick note of encouragement to you!

I just finished reading your book, and I found it incredibly inspiring and helpful in so many ways. Let me give you a brief version of my story.

I grew up in a household of guns, I was always comfortable with them. I was taught how to use them safely, even told that they were their for defense, but my dad doesn't carry a pistol and never really brought it up. He's not against it, just never chose to get one. My best friend is a local police officer and carried off duty. He encouraged me to do so, and I put it somewhere on my list of things to do.

3 years ago, while I was at work, a lunatic came in to the Binghamton American Civic Association(helps with citizenship) and went on a rampage. No one in the building was armed, and by the time the SWAT team was even mobilized, all the killing was done and the gunmen shot himself in the head. He had killed 13 innocent people. I was working only a few buildings away and it finally hit me, if I had been in there, I would be dead too because I had no weapon!

A personal friend of mine was shot in her home when she agreed to testify against her brother in a court case. Her brother came in to her house and killed her and her mother. So much for the restraining order that forbid him to be anywhere near them.

After the Civic Association shootings, I jumped into action to get my concealed carry permit. I had to attend an $300 eight hour course, pay a $150 processing fee and then write a letter to the local judge about my reasons for wanting it, and wait indefinitely with no guarantee of getting it!

Thank God, 4 months later(thank God nothing happened to me during those 4 unarmed months!!) I got it. I have been carrying ever since, some days .40 cal, some days .45. I get out to the range almost every week to practice drawing from concealment and speed shooting. I carry a spare magazine and pray for God's mercy on my loved ones every day and that if the need every arose to use my weapon, that I could show that it was Reasonable and Necessary to do so.

I believe in Self Defense and am a proud member of the NRA. I work as Media Producer and Musician at a 1500 member church in Upstate NY called New Life Ministries. Our church has many people who carry in it, and many police officers who attend. We have organized volunteer security teams for all events/services made up of off duty SWAT, police, and armed citizens.

Before your book, I didn't know how to use the Bible to prove the case for gun ownership and Self Defense. I didn't understand the difference between self defense and vengeance. I knew that our country had been started by Christians who picked up their muskets and defeated Great Britain, but I struggled to really back up my beliefs with Scripture. Your book has given me what I needed. I thank God for everything you put down in that book. I am sharing it with everyone I can.

Thank you for your ministry and your preparedness to act in a severe situation. Thank you for continuing to inspire me to not just hope that trouble won't come my way, but to be prepared so I can be a true Christian man who will nurture his family spiritually and be a protector.

— Patrick Shane

Hello Brother,

In the name of He who loved His own before the beginning of time I write, trusting this email finds you well and enjoying the wonders of God's grace in your own life!

A few weeks ago, I heard about you for the first time and so I started looking for your book. I was unable to find it locally so I ordered it online. Got it yesterday and finished it today. Thanks so much for your book! I am telling all my friends to buy one and have added a review of it to my blog.

My Blog is at

My website is at

Would enjoy meeting you sometime, and will pray for you.

Yours in Christ,

—David Green (pastor)
Sovereign Grace Baptist Church in Mansfield OH

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Charl van Wyk was just an ordinary Christian man until July 25, 1993 - the day that would become known for the St. James Massacre. It was on this date that Van Wyk shot back at the terrorists who were attacking an innocent congregation gathered in worship, and saved many lives in the process.
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